New York boasts 1,000 percent solar growth, tobacco fields to host solar?

February 6, 2018

Solar’s Next Stop

America’s booming solar market continues to take surprising new turns as its growth permeates new and (sometimes) unexpected markets.

Its next potential turn?

Tobacco fields.

A study conducted by Michigan Technological University concludes that tobacco farms that substitute their crop-based farms with solar arrays can increase profits due to increased solar accessibility and demand.

Tobacco farms are located on arable land, which the study believes can be beneficial for potential solar adoption. Previous attempts to produce large solar farms on agricultural sites have not always worked as predicted, but arable land represents a new possibility.

New York State Sees 1,000 Percent Solar Growth

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced New York State’s latest solar milestone: 1,000 percent solar growth since 2011.

More than $2.8 billion of private investment factored into the state’s growth, with the Clean Energy Initiative serving as a catalyst for growth.

New York’s Clean Energy Initiative requires 50 percent of the state operate under clean and renewable energy sources by 2030.

New York: By The Numbers

New York’s solar growth is a major investment and upside to the state’s longevity.

The Solar Energy Industries Association in 2016 published New York’s rankings against the country.

New York ranks 10th in amount of solar installed and sixth in jobs.

The historic NY – Sun program was created to help New York homeowners make the transition to solar.

Long Island l New York — Learn If You Qualify Today

States make independent stands to help subsidize the American solar industry.

The decision to go solar is both an economic and environmental investment.

New York State’s Clean Energy Initiative requires the state run on 50 percent clean and renewable energy by 2030. NY – Sun was created to support this measure.

NY – Sun is a New York taxpayer benefit program that allows qualifying homeowners to make the easy switch to solar energy.

Click here to see if your house can qualify for NY-Sun and begin your quest for energy independence today.

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