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NYSS – The Solar Adoption Conduit To The NY State Business Community

Based on an estimated 81,000 suitable commercial solar roof sites, the New York market has an untapped potential of about 28,000 MW for rooftop solar development.

This represents billions of dollars in offset operational costs.

Unlocking this solar potential, will provide local businesses substantial cost savings and enormous environmental benefits.

Economic Benefits

  • Increase Cash Flows and NOI
  • Hedge or eliminate electricity costs from operating expenses
  • Increase Property Value without raising tax
  • Leverage Accelerated Depreciation

Community Benefits

  • Projects provide local jobs and employment opportunities
  • Reduce reliance on imported foreign energy
  • Build a more resilient, less taxed, and safer utility power grid
  • Promotes sustainability as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) adoption

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce carbon emissions, green house gasses and pollution
  • Contribute to healthier air and water for everyone
  • Reduce the increasing demands on finite and limited resources

NYSS are experts on the implementation of government supported renewable energy policies, developments, and technology.

Clients benefit from a greater level of service via a dedicated program manager responsible for expediting, monitoring, and overseeing all logistics related to the solar transition.

Project complexities are replaced with streamlined approval processes and timely permit issuances. Quality-driven installations are complemented with inter-connectivity and system maintenance.

The commercial business sector is rapidly embracing the many benefits of solar projects, through government funded programs promoting solar adoption

The NY-Sun & Pace Program are geared towards developing a sustainable, self-sufficient solar community throughout New York State by promoting the expansion, use, and ownership of renewable energy

Commercial projects have similar physical site requirements as residential. Additional factors to navigate such as business structure, tax appetite, accelerated depreciation, operating budgets and capital expenditures require special application and attention towards implementing the various benefits, credits and incentives. Depending on the organization’s requirements, our program managers work closely with the business to determine the most effective application to increase operating income and property value, decrease operating costs, and free up internal cash flow for other projects.

About NY-SUN Program

The NY-Sun program administered by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides a guaranteed operating cost savings, subsidized cost of capital and the ability to make payments through the existing utility provider. Small and large commercial businesses are encouraged to utilize this opportunity towards capital improvements, accelerated depreciation valuations, while significantly increasing energy savings to produce immediate positive cash flow.

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About Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

PACE is a national program established for financing energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects for buildings.

Commercial, industrial, multifamily and nonprofit properties utilizing PACE can obtain low-cost, long-term financing for their properties immediately saving operating costs and adding value to their property.

Businesses or organizations can obtain 100% financing with long payback terms (up to 20 years) ensuring yearly utility bill savings are greater than the financing payment, resulting in Positive Cash Flows in the first year!

Pace financing is repaid as an assessment on the property’s regular tax bill, and affixed to the property not the business owner.

While PACE is a national initiative, it still has to pass State legislation and adopted by the local taxing municipality. In New York PACE financing is administered by EnergizeNY

Some of benefits include:

  • Increase NOI
  • 100% financing, no out of pocket costs
  • Financing is tied to the Property, not individuals
  • Off balance sheet, no effect to debt ratios or future borrowing
  • 20 year financing terms
  • Consistent and predictable electric costs
  • Hedge against Utility Rate increases

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