Governor Andrew Cuomo boasts 1,000 percent New York solar growth

February 7, 2018

When Governor Andrew Cuomo started the Clean Energy Initiative, he did so with one goal in mind.

Make New York a nationwide leader in clean and renewable energy.

Governor Cuomo on Monday announced New York’s solar sector grew 1,000 percent over the last six years.

Over 12,000 new jobs have been created on the back of $2.8 billion of private investment and NY – Sun, a $1 billion taxpayer benefit program that helps New York homeowners make the switch to solar.

Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Initiative will make New York state run on 50 percent clean and renewable by 2030.

Positives Amid Uncertainty

The solar industry suffered one of its harshest blows in the last decade on Wednesday morning when the 2017 National Solar Jobs Census announced that the number of solar jobs in the country decreased by 10,000.

The annual report produced by the National Solar Jobs Census follows President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported solar technologies.

President Trump in January approved 30 percent tariffs on solar panels. The tariffs will decline to 15 percent and eventually disappear within four years as Trump looks to bolster domestic solar manufacturing. The tariffs are expected to cost Americans 10,000 jobs.

Long Island l New York — Learn If You Qualify Today

States make independent stands to help subsidize the American solar industry.

The decision to go solar is both an economic and environmental investment.

New York State’s Clean Energy Initiative requires the state run on 50 percent clean and renewable energy by 2030. NY – Sun was created to support this measure.

NY – Sun is a New York taxpayer benefit program that allows qualifying homeowners to make the easy switch to solar energy.

Click here to see if your house can qualify for NY-Sun and begin your quest for energy independence today.


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