New York ranks 11th in domestic solar

March 15, 2018

New York’s solar capacity continues to grow at an exponential rate.

New York fell dropped from 10th in 2016 to 11th in 2017, but continued to see upward mobility.

California, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey maintained their rank as the top five solar producers in the nation for the second consecutive year.


Spring Into Solar

There is never a bad time to make the switch to solar.

The spring presents a prime opportunity to do so if you wish to harness your system’s greatest potential.

As days get longer, the potential for photovoltaic calls to producer greater amounts of energy for your home increases.

Long Island l New York — Learn If You Qualify Today

States make independent stands to help subsidize the American solar industry.

The decision to go solar is both an economic and environmental investment.

New York State’s Clean Energy Initiative requires the state run on 50 percent clean and renewable energy by 2030. NY – Sun was created to support this measure.

NY – Sun is a New York taxpayer benefit program that allows qualifying homeowners to make the easy switch to solar energy.

Click here to see if your house can qualify for NY-Sun and begin your quest for energy independence today.

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