New York State Solar announces first Suffolk County office in Sayville

April 9, 2018

NY State Solar Opens Second Office in Sayville, New York

NY State Solar (NYSS) last week announced the opening of its Sayville office, the company’s first in Suffolk County, as the solar organization looks to further its mission of helping New York become economically and environmentally self-sustainable.

“As someone who has lived on the Island for 30 years, it is with great esteem I work toward making our home more sustainable for both people and planet alike. High tide has come and it is time to step up and live responsibly. With the shining combination of social responsibility and renewable energy, we can care for both the finite and infinite resources of our unique niche of New York State and keep Long Island feeling like home the way it did when I was a kid.” says NY State Solar human resources manager Melissa Czerniawski.

NY State Solar is a private organization dedicated to the facilitation of  NY – Sun. NY – Sun is a historic $1 billion taxpayer incentive program that allows New York homeowners to make the transition to solar energy.

The company was established in late-2015 and services both commercial and residential projects. Its enthusiastic and upbeat outreach team scouts Long Island neighborhoods for solar-ready roofs to help homeowners take advantage of the incentives available to them.

“NY State Solar truly values the homeowner and works to make a confusing process accessible and straightforward.” says digital marketing manager Josh Chapdelaine. “The company is second-to-none in helping people understand all aspects of the decision-making process without cutting any corners.”

NY State Solar will additionally provide jobs to Suffolk residents looking to get a start — or continue their work in — the solar industry.

More Information:
Office Information:
NY State Solar
100 Main Street
Suite 209A
Sayville, N.Y. 11782

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