NY State Solar Employee Spotlight: Matin Nazamy

October 6, 2018

NY State Solar empowers Long Island residents to leverage NY-Sun to control their energy production, save money, and facilitate the green economy. Part of our mission is shining light on the people that make our organization’s mission of sustainability possible.

Outreach associate Matin Nazamy joined NY State Solar as an intern in January 2018. His enthusiasm quickly led him to join our outreach team, where he works to educate the public on the benefits of NY-Sun and solar energy.

He details his experience with NY State Solar…

“Besides a positive working environment and great opportunity to make money, NYSS offers something more than most traditional job offers to its employees. Through any experience, career or otherwise, the mind grows and adapts to the situation present to it.

At NYSS, your situation is fluid and dynamic, that is, it is never the same repetitive day as it were the previous day. This type of environment keeps the mind flexible and humbled, always encouraged to grow and seize the opportunities present. It also makes your day exciting, as you never get bored of it. As you speak with dozens of people on a daily basis, you can start to see the fundamental patterns between them. How to articulate ideas to people, how to command a conversation, and how to be an exceptional listener are some of the traits needed to master this art of handling people. This is a skill that is in high demand now more than ever, whether it is at your household or on a future job interview, it is necessary to possess the ability to communicate effectively.

Moreover, this job is more than just influencing others. In fact, this is an opportunity for self mastery. It is up to you to determine how affluent you become, which is not only a truth about life elsewhere, but is an integral part to the working environment here. It’s not JUST about how skilled you are, but how badly you want it. This is less about talent, and more about discipline. It is passion and persistence. Probably THE great filter between mediocrity and greatness is here, within yourself, and NYSS is the perfect opportunity to build yourself.

Probably the most powerful thing about working here is not about how you improve yourself, financially or characteristically. It’s not even about YOU at all, but what you do, and who you become. Mahatma Ghandi once said that “If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others”. At NYSS you have the opportunity to be of service to all forms of life on Earth, as you play a crucial role for homeowners to transition away from fossil fueled energy (which have a number of bad consequences for the environment and the life that dwells within them.) Whether it is ocean acidification, wiping out billions of organisms in the water, or the melting ice caps whose existence keeps the entire climate of the earth stable, YOU have an opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest industries for humanity.

Working at NYSS has assisted me in becoming disciplined as I continue my education, giving me the skill set needed to successfully continue on my career path. It keeps me humbled and always desiring to achieve more, and challenge myself to grow. It keeps me happy, knowing that at the end of the day, I am helping people, and playing my part in the bigger picture of the world. And I think that’s what defines this organization, and that’s the moral compass that guides it on the path it is headed on. The company’s existence is a service to others, whether it be the employees who gain from being here, the customers who gain from our service, or the world, as our actions echo and ripple for all time long after we are gone.”

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