Puerto Rico leans on solar to help rebuild after Hurricane Maria

February 1, 2018

Weeks after Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria devastated the United States territory Puerto Rico in September 2017.

Maria left thousands of Puerto Ricans without access to clean water, food or electricity. Political tensions took centerstage after the hurricane as Puerto Ricans and celebrities called for greater federal assistance.

Crowdsourcing to Make a Difference

15-year-old Salvador Gomez Colon has delivered 1,400 of solar lamps to Puerto Rico to assist recovery efforts. Colon raised over $100,000 to create the lamps so people who struggle to overcome the country’s recovery efforts can better function at night. He plans to continue the endeavor.

Olympian Apolo Ohno and soccer players Kaká and David Villa are doing their part to help bring solar to Puerto Rico. The athletes were inspired by NFL star J.J. Watt, who raised millions for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered massive amounts of solar arrays to Puerto Rico to assist in the recovery efforts in Oct. 2017.

Solar is an efficient solution for Puerto Rico as it looks to increase its economic independence. The territory faces a longstanding debt crisis in addition to its recovery efforts.

Solar allows communities to gain economic and energy independence through job creation and self-sufficient energy production.

The territory’s climate will only assist solar production as it looks to ramp up its usage.

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States make independent stands to help subsidize the American solar industry.

The decision to go solar is both an economic and environmental investment.

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NY – Sun is a New York taxpayer benefit program that allows qualifying homeowners to make the easy switch to solar energy.

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Photo credit: Ron Reiring

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