Long Island
Learn About NY – Sun Now

New York solar tax incentives are available – Do you qualify?

Own Your Solar System.

Leases and power-purchase agreements are complicated. Take control of your energy and reap the full benefits of solar ownership.

Lock And Reduce Your Current Bill

If you qualify for NY – Sun you keep paying the same utility bill at a reduced and fixed rate. No complicated additions.

Build Equity

Your monthly utility payment becomes equity into your house’s value — not bad for something you were already paying for.

$0 Down

Learning more about NY – Sun requires zero money down. You’re already paying for it — why not learn if you can take advamtage of taxpayer benefit solar?

The Process


A project manager conducts a site analysis to determine if your property is right for NY – Sun. Zero obligation.

Site Survey

Learn what your savings and system will look like.

Solar Adopter

Begin helping the environment and saving!

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New York State Solar is a private organization. We work to facilitate the NY – Sun program to bring both economic and environmental sustainability to New York.

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