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New York makes historic commitment to 26 solar projects

New York earlier this year boasted one of its largest clean energy achievements when Governor Cuomo announced it achieved 1,000 percent solar growth from 2011-17. The Empire State is ready to kick-off the spring in serious fashion: Its largest commitment to community solar yet. New York announced a $1.4 billion dollar investment package with a […]

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New York ranks 11th in domestic solar

New York’s solar capacity continues to grow at an exponential rate. New York fell dropped from 10th in 2016 to 11th in 2017, but continued to see upward mobility. California, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey maintained their rank as the top five solar producers in the nation for the second consecutive year.   […]

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Long Island Solar: Solar production through raindrops?

Solar…in the Rain? Solar arrays function in the rain and snow — just not as efficiently. A new technology stands to help improve solar functionality during inclement weather. China’s Soochow University is developing solar technology that can maximize production no matter the weather. What’s more? The system can produce at night if it is raining. […]

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Spring Into Solar

The New Day The United States is set to turn its clocks ahead this Sunday, March 11, at 2 A.M. in advance of the sunniest seasons of the year. On the heels of a powerful nor’easter, there is no better time to look forward to increased daylight and warm weather. Solar and the Sun This […]

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Will steel tariffs impact American solar? Implications of Solar Section 201

Steel Tariffs A Second Impact? President Donald Trump in January approved portions of Solar Section 201, which implemented a 30 percent tax on imported solar goods. The tariff is expected to slow the United States’ solar industry, but it is not the only tariff that stands to impact solar companies. President Trump last week announced […]

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Long Island Solar roundup: Community solar and commercial projects

Community Solar Adds Capacity Community solar’s increased popularity in New York State allows for residents without obvious access to solar technology benefit from its power. In an effort to boost the state’s overall solar power production, the state announced it will accept projects up to five megawatts. Projects that were greater than two megawatts were […]

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The United States of solar?

A Clean and Renewable Nation? Solar and wind power production could power up to 80 percent of United States energy demand, according to a new report by Energy & Environmental Science. The United States could feasibly meet its entire energy demand with clean and renewable energy if it scales its current facilities accordingly. Climate change […]

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President Donald J. Trump participates in a Veterans Executive Order Signing Tuesday January 9, 2018, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Where does New York’s solar industry stand?

The United States of America is greatly bolstered by the solar industry. What benefits does the industry boast? Homeowners immediately reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change. Homeowners see immediate savings through locking in their energy costs and taking control of their production. Communities are supported through dynamic new jobs. The United States […]

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Long Beach

NYSS – What We Do

New York State Solar is an independent organization that helps New York and Long Island make the transition to solar through NY – Sun. We’ll be posting weekly Q&A’s, features, and video blogs about our mission right here. Here’s a quick introduction about what we do… Long Island l New York — Learn If You […]

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Long Island Solar: Solar continues to boast hidden benefits

Shock the System Solar power has many obvious benefits. From immediately reducing your monthly electric bill to helping the environment, people elect to adopt solar for myriad reasons. The hidden reasons to go solar are perhaps some of the most intriguing factors that help to drive the market. Independence is more than an American motif. It […]

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