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How New York Residents Can Help Fight Climate Change

Earth’s climate is headed toward catastrophe unless we all do our part, according to a new study produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. People often discuss what they might have done during pivotal historical events had they been alive to experience them. Far too few ask how their actions today will immediately impact the world […]

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New York Solar Roundup: One Path Forward

One Path Forward The Million Strong Solar Coalition recently rallied in Albany to urge Governor Cuomo to create one million solar New York households by 2023. The organization’s environmental-driven message is making waves as New Yorkers and the world collectively realize the imminent dangers of climate change. The Million Solar Strong Coalition is comprised of […]

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New York’s Stand for Solar Energy Delivers Power to the People

Solar is everywhere.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or what any of it means. If you’re a Long Island homeowner, you should be aware of the options available to you – and which you should take advantage of. What is a Solar Lease? A solar lease is an agreement between a homeowner […]

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The old-school approach to New York State Solar

We Believe Old Is New You may have seen us walking around your neighborhood. We may have even knocked on your door to speak to you. We know not many people do this anymore. That’s why we love to do it. In a world dominated by targeted advertisements, we believe in a more traditional approach. […]

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New York ranks 11th in domestic solar

New York’s solar capacity continues to grow at an exponential rate. New York fell dropped from 10th in 2016 to 11th in 2017, but continued to see upward mobility. California, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey maintained their rank as the top five solar producers in the nation for the second consecutive year.   […]

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Spring Into Solar

The New Day The United States is set to turn its clocks ahead this Sunday, March 11, at 2 A.M. in advance of the sunniest seasons of the year. On the heels of a powerful nor’easter, there is no better time to look forward to increased daylight and warm weather. Solar and the Sun This […]

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Long Island Solar: Solar continues to boast hidden benefits

Shock the System Solar power has many obvious benefits. From immediately reducing your monthly electric bill to helping the environment, people elect to adopt solar for myriad reasons. The hidden reasons to go solar are perhaps some of the most intriguing factors that help to drive the market. Independence is more than an American motif. It […]

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Long Island Solar Roundup

Tearing Down Trees To Go Solar? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s historic investment in clean and renewable energy is not without some arenas of debate. Long Island environmental activist groups like the Long Island Pine Barrens Society and The Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning Society are looking for alternative sites for solar farms in lieu […]

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New York Solar boasts 1,000 percent solar growth since 2011.

New York boasts 1,000 percent solar growth, tobacco fields to host solar?

Solar’s Next Stop America’s booming solar market continues to take surprising new turns as its growth permeates new and (sometimes) unexpected markets. Its next potential turn? Tobacco fields. A study conducted by Michigan Technological University concludes that tobacco farms that substitute their crop-based farms with solar arrays can increase profits due to increased solar accessibility […]

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Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in late-2017. Solar stands to assist recovery efforts.

Puerto Rico leans on solar to help rebuild after Hurricane Maria

Weeks after Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria devastated the United States territory Puerto Rico in September 2017. Maria left thousands of Puerto Ricans without access to clean water, food or electricity. Political tensions took centerstage after the hurricane as Puerto Ricans and celebrities called for greater federal assistance. Crowdsourcing to Make a Difference […]

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