NY State Solar Frequently Asked Questions

useful answers to important solar questions


How much do solar panels cost?

Solar panel costs vary wildly. A typical installation to supply an average home will cost from $18,000 to $20,000 if you buy it outright. However many companies offer ways to power your home with solar energy with little or no upfront costs. Additionally there many tax breaks and other governmental incentives to take advantage of.

What if I want to sell my home?

Solar panels increase the appeal and value of your property. If you plan on moving during before you’ve concluded your term’s agreement, it is easily transferred to the new homeowner. The new hom

What factors determine the perfect solar installation for my house?

Many factors go into the decision making process. The main factors are your present power consumption, available installation area, and municipal regulations.

What are the steps to going solar?

The process of going solar is just 5 simple steps.

How does weather affect my solar power production?

Mother Nature doesn’t play a huge role in solar production. Solar panels still produce electricity when is cloudy. They are much more efficient on bright sunny days. Over the course of the 4 seasons the balance of your power consumption and the surplus power you sell to your local utility, will tip in your favor.

Solar Myths

Solar panels need a tracking system to follow the angle of the sun

Tracking mechanisms do provide output gains in your solar array. They are typically installed in commercial deployments, however in the typical home they do not increase efficiency enough to justify the additional expense and maintenance.

Solar panels look ugly

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Growing awareness of how smart renewable energy is from environmental and economic perspective are helping solar installations to be regarded as an enhancement as opposed to an eyesore.

When the power goes out, my home is still powered

The short answer depends on your installation. But the typical home installation is tied to the electrical grid and when the power goes out yours will also. Is not safe to send electricity back out onto the wires while workers may be trying to fix the problem.

Solar is still so expensive that it will never be able to pay for itself

Most customers see excellent savings when they go solar and the price is predictable throughout the year. With plenty of financing options the barrier to entry for solar power is very low and many households are now able to finance solar installations little or no money down.

Solar panels will cause my roof to leak

Modern solar panels installations are not attached directly to the roof itself, but rather to a mounted railing system with very little contact to any roofing.

Solar panels require maintenance

Solar panels are self contained, sealed, and have no moving parts thus do not require maintenance. Usually rain is enough to clean any dust from the surface.

I will have an excess of energy that will go unused and wasted

All modern solar panel systems are connected to the utility electrical grid and they purchase any energy that you can spare.

Solar doesn’t work in cool, cloudy, or foggy climates

Solar panels only need ambient light and will produce energy. In foggy or overcast days the overall output of the system is less but. Temperature has almost no effect on solar panels efficiency.

Solar will get more efficient, so I should wait

Solar foto voltaic panels are a very mature technology. The real area of innovation is in power storage using lithium ion battery packs. Most residential systems can be easily retrofitted once battery technology becomes affordable and municipalities add them to their building codes.

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