Helping homeowners navigate solar adoption

How can solar benefit you?

Economic Benefits

  • Lower your monthly electric bill
  • Eliminate risk of rising utility rates
  • Increase property value and improvements are exempt from property tax increase
  • Huge cumulative savings over the lifetime of system

Community Benefits   

  • Contribute to healthier air and water for everyone
  • Promote sustainable and responsible social goals
  • Reduce carbon emissions, green house gasses and pollution
  • Reduce demand on finite and limited resources
  • Driving a more resilient and safer utility power grid

Every homeowner has unique economic, regional and personal circumstances, requiring an individualized approach to their solar design and installation.

How can NYSS help you?

NYSS leverages it’s financial expertise along with state and local initiatives to help facilitate the NY-Sun program, delivering a highly incentivized and beneficially cost-effective option to you.

Utilizing proprietary software and industry-leading design tools, your solar photo-voltaic (PV) system is properly sized and situated blending together aesthetics and maxim production efficiency based on the physical property components.

This customized solar adoption plan qualifies homeowners in order to take advantage of the state and federal funding.

The Federal and State programs offer a multitude of short and long-term cost savings and environmental benefits, allowing property owners to transition into new methods of sustainable energy.

Navigating through the subsidized financing programs is challenging. This is where we help you.

While there are a few different approaches to solar adoption, NY State Solar focuses on the ownership models. Customers receive the highest value by retaining all their tax credits, rebates and incentives.

About NY-Sun

“The ultimate goal of NY-Sun is the development of a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry in the State”

New York State Solar helps homeowners determine whether or not they are good candidates for the NY-Sun program. We help facilitate the process including arranging of supporting financial documentation, site and engineering review, installer relationship and accountability.

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